Sharing Style and Inspiring Confidence

Cindee, one of our valued volunteers here at Suit Yourself tells of an encounter she had while volunteering here.

Cindee met up with her client on a day that was like any other day…or so she thought. Cindee’s client came in, they greeted each and began the process of learning a little bit about each other.  Cindee inquired about the usual things like styles the client may like, colors she may have a preference for and then asked if there was anything else the client would like Cindee to know to help her make the appointment go well for the client. The client then shared with Cindee that she definitely did not want any dresses or skirts as she could not wear them. Cindee inquired why and the client began the painful story of the condition of her legs. You see the client had severely burned them in a household incident and they were badly burnt. She had refused to expose people to them and also felt she just couldn’t wear anything but pants to cover them up.  Cindee after hearing this painful story and wiping away the tears kinda took on the challenge of changing the outlook this lady had on her legs. In the end Cindee found the client a great dress with tights and tall boots she had accomplished her mission to have this lady walk out of our centre better than she came in. Cindee tells us that both her and the client cried in celebration.  Another sharing style and inspiring confidence moment.