Suit Yourself is a not-for-profit organization that collects and distributes high-quality professional clothing to disadvantaged women seeking employment or entering the workforce.

Employment training programs and social service agencies may refer clients who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a disadvantaged woman over the age of 18 and older (unemployed, low income, on income support or in a crisis situation and unable to purchase professional attire)

  • Are actively seekingfull time employment, transitioning to the workforce or starting a new career

We do not accept self-referrals. 

We do not provide clothing for general everyday use, court appearances, or attending school, funerals or weddings. 

How to Provide a Client Referral

Agency caseworkers: follow these steps to refer a client to Suit Yourself.

1. Complete the online referral form:

Caseworker Name *
Caseworker Name
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Client's Name *
Client's Name
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Client's Phone (Home)
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Client's Phone (Cell)
Choose from the list:
Does the Client have a job interview scheduled? *
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Is the Client on any income support?
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By submitting this form to Suit Yourself, I certify that the information contained is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Suit Yourself screens all clients to ensure they meet the organization's eligibility criteria, and that intentionally providing misleading information about my client may jeopardize future referrals I make. I agree to have my information saved and used by Suit Yourself to communicate with me about clients I refer and to send me relevant updates and events information.

If you can not access the online form, download this version (PDF), complete it, and email it to us


2. Provide your client with our client information sheet (PDF) and request that they call to book an appointment with us.

We keep all referrals for 30 days after we receive them.

For further questions regarding client eligibility and referrals, contact us.

Thank you for making what to me was an overwhelming ordeal into a fun and enjoyable morning ... I shall cherish that morning for a long time.
— Susan